Royal Preston Hospital Restricts Visiting Time To One Hour

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals have announced they are restricting to immediate family members or carers for just one hour a day.

The restrictions will allow for those who are permitted to visit inpatients for one hour between 14:00 and 15:00.

Also, visitors who have been experiencing ANY of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 are being asked not to attend the hospital.

A hospital statement released today read:

We understand this is a difficult and anxious time for staff and patients and would like to reduce the risk associated with Covid-19. Therefore we have revised our current visiting guidance.

  • Visiting for hospital inpatients should be restricted to immediate family members or carers between the hours of 14:00 – 15:00 in all areas. Staff should encourage and support patients to remain in contact with friends and family using mobile phones.
  • For wards cohorting patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, visiting will generally not be permitted unless there are exceptional circumstances for individual patients.
  • It is important staff retain professional judgement in individual cases including, but not limited to, patients with a cognitive impairment, parents of under 16s, birthing partners and patients receiving end of life care. 
  • All visitors should be aware of the need to wash or alcohol gel their hands before entering and on leaving the clinical area and be provided with PPE if necessary.
  • Visitors who have symptoms of suspected COVID-19 or confirmed as COVID-19 should not visit.
  • Visitors who are vulnerable as a result of their medication, a chronic illness or they are over 70 years of age should not visit the hospital unless absolutely necessary.
  • Children should not be routinely visiting unless in exceptional circumstances, staff should support the loss of contact through the use of mobile telephones and other technology where available.
  • Visitors should be limited to 1 visitor per bed space at a time, in the event more visitors attend, visitors will be asked to wait outside the clinical area.

Our staff will be compassionate in the way they communicate this to patients and visitors.


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