Preston Woman to Live Off Fruit and Water For 5 Days For Homeless Charity

Laura Prescott will be attempting the food challenge to raise money for Emmaus Preston.

She will only be allowed fruit with yoghurt and water for five days and is ready for the challenge despite people saying she is not up to the task.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m such a foodie and I’ve been told that I will not be able to complete this challenge, however, I am determined to do this.”

Emmaus is a homeless charity that looks to rehabilitate people living on the street by offering them work and a place to live

Laura is a big supporter of the work that Emmaus do,

“I believe every person should be given a 2nd chance in life and no
one should be sleeping in the streets regardless of their background,

“Everyone should have a safe place to go at the end of the day so if I can
help people get there then that would be great.”

The inspiration for the challenge came from social media and she has tweaked it to suit her,

“I came up with the idea from a post I saw on helping the homeless on
Facebook where you can eat beans and rice for 5 days,

“However, I don’t like beans and not a massive rice fan. I decided to do yoghurt and fruit instead as this is something I have for breakfast so 3 meals a day of the same thing can’t be too bad.

“I am a foodie myself but looking forward to the challenge and pushing myself to do this, I’m feeling positive and excited to do this.

Laura acknowledges that just fruit and yoghurt will be tough to stick to,

“The one thing I’m going to miss the most is probably chocolate. I have such
a sweet tooth that I do like to have a bit of chocolate or something sweet
either in the evening or mid-afternoon.”

Laura’s 5-day challenge will begin on 18th March

You can help her reach her target by donating to her Gofundme page here.


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