These Are The Changes To City Council Support Services You Need To Know

Preston City Council services will be adjusted to support local businesses and residents following the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Council will continue to work hard to provide essential services while making adjustments to offer relief to those affected by the pandemic.

A number of adjustments have already been made to areas such as council tax, business rates, environmental health and community engagement.

Councillor Matthew Brown, Leader of Preston City Council, said:

“The COVID19 outbreak is a significant and untested challenge for the city of Preston, but it is one that the community is meeting with great resilience and fortitude. 

“We understand the impact the situation has had on families and the small independent businesses we’re proud to have in Preston and are determined to do everything we can to help.

“As such we’ve adopted a sympathetic and flexible approach to council tax and rent to support businesses and families with the aim of ensuring we help those losing income as a result of something they have no control over.

“We’ve also partnered with schools and community groups to support new food hubs that will be launched soon to reach families in hardship throughout the city.

“Despite having to close Town Hall from public access, there is advice and support online as well as contact details to engage over the telephone. Our teams are working hard to meet the needs of our residents, share information and updates with the community wherever possible.

“Additionally, we’re working alongside central government and businesses in the city to provide advice and support on business rates and rent relief. We strongly urge Government for greater clarity and structured relief to help our businesses weather this storm.

“And of course, we’re working tirelessly to ensure our key services keep running in the weeks and months to come.  We are all in this together and take our role extremely seriously.  The situation is changing daily and we will continue to look at how to support people through this difficult period.”

For more information on Welfare Advice, Debt Recovery, Food Hubs, or local business please visit the Preston City Council website here.


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