Preston Mosques Come Together To Support NHS Staff

The Muslim community joined together to donate essential items for Royal Preston Hospital workers.

An appeal was launched after some of the community saw on social media that after finishing a long shift, some NHS staff were faced with empty shelves because of panic buying.

The Mandani Institute on Deepdale Road, The Raza Mosque on St. Paul’s Road and The Aqsa Mosque on Fishwick Parade all helped by donating food, toiletries or money to purchase goods.

Asif, a committee member of the Madani Institute, said,

“We have family members who are nurses and have people who have been committed to Corona Virus wards and we saw on social media there was a shortage of supplies for the nurses who are working relentless hours,

“It was really disturbing, we thought the least we could do was make an appeal to our community and we had a really good response of people who have put their hands in their pockets.”

“We went to some of the supermarkets in Preston and most were very helpful and let us get as much as we wanted because it was for a good cause.”

“We went to the NHS and took the goods and it was so well received, just to see the smiles on the faces of the nurses,

“They were so appreciative but they had no reason to be, we were appreciative of what they’re doing, putting themselves at risk.”

Asif stressed that we should be thankful for the work the NHS staff are doing

“Sometimes we’re not appreciative enough, it’s only the Corona Virus that has brought it home what an amazing community the NHS staff are,

“They are working long hours, sometimes underpaid to look after our loved ones, they don’t look at cast or creed and colour, they just want to help the patients.”

“It’s only a very tiny gesture, we don’t deserve any credit, thankyou to all the donors who donated, we will definitely be continuing this for however long it takes.”


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