Changes To Council Services In South Ribble Due To Coronavirus

South Ribble Borough Council has announced that several key services will be halted during the UK lockdown.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed the public to stay at home unless they are leaving the house for an essential reason.

These measures have been taken to fight against the Coronavirus, which reached Lancashire earlier this month and has resulted in one fatality at Royal Blackburn Hospital so far.

The Borough Council has taken measures to temporarily stop several services while the UK is instructed to stay indoors.

A spokesman said earlier today:

We have a few announcements to make, with regards council services and some of the things that we have absolutely no choice but to halt temporarily due to coronavirus and the effects this had on our staffing and our ability to deliver services.

1. Bulky waste collections ( will now cease temporarily and we will not be taking any more requests. Any collections already accepted and arranged will go ahead as planned, unless they include white goods (because we cannot dispose of these at the current time) in which case you will be issued a refund. Ring us on 01772 625 625 to discuss this.

2. Play areas and playgrounds are closed. We have put signs up to tell people not to use the play areas or go on the equipment. The bigger parks such as Worden Park, Withy Grove Park and Hurst Grange Park remain open but people must be sensible, practice social distancing, and stay two metres apart at all times. We have put posters up on park noticeboards to remind people about the two metre rule and that anyone with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature should be self-isolating at home. We need children not to go on the play areas though, and we would advise playing at home in the back garden instead where it is safe to do so.

3. As of 25 March 2020, bin collections are continuing and will run as normal until otherwise communicated. Please appreciate this could change very quickly so we advise people to keep looking at the council’s Facebook page for updates. On a related note, Lancashire County Council has announced it has closed the household waste recycling centres.

4. Garden waste is still being collected, as of 25 March 2020, but keep an eye on the council’s Facebook page to advise of any changes to this in the future.

5. Public toilets in places such as Worden Park are shut.

6. Refreshment kiosks in the parks are also closed.

7. Lancashire County Council has closed all its libraries, museums, countryside sites, and Youth Zones.

8. SRBC’s Neighbourhood Team has seen its workforce significantly reduced due to people self-isolating — and therefore we sadly must cut back on some services, so we will not be doing any grass cutting for the foreseeable future (this will be kept under review, though); we will not be doing any litter picking (in part, due to the fact that less people should be out of their homes to begin with); and the schedule to empty public bins will be slightly revised.

9. Leyland Market – the market remains open (Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays) but only the following vendors are still selling produce:- Whittakers butchers leyland marketThe Cheese Cabin– The Fish Plaice- Fruit & Veg- Pets Pantry


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