This Royal Preston Hospital Worker Was Facing Sleeping on The Streets

Liam Bass appealed for help on Facebook after the hotel he was staying at was closing to stop the spreading of Covid-19

Liam lives in Hull but has been staying at a hotel whilst working at Royal Preston Hospital treating patients suffering from the virus.

Due to the nationwide closures of all non-essential businesses to reduce the spread of Corona Virus, his hotel closed this morning, leaving him in a tricky situation.

He took to Facebook to ask for help to prevent himself from sleeping rough.

He posted “Urgently needed… accommodation in Preston, Lancashire near the hospital if possible. I’m currently working in operating theatres and the hotel I’ve been at for 7 months is closing tomorrow (understandably),

“I don’t really fancy sleeping in my car, I know it’s a long shot but if anyone knows of anything please let me know ASAP otherwise I’m homeless (away from home) from tomorrow morning.”

Liam also pointed out that he was unable to stay at a person’s house for the night because of the risk he would spread the infection.

The Preston community came together in the search for a temporary home for the NHS worker.

The post was shared over 6800 times with many people tagging friends in the hope accommodation would be found.

After the post had been seen by more people, many offers began to come through.

Carole Rawlinson offered a 2 bedroom flat on Lovat Road, rent-free for any NHS Staff.

Local business owner Andrew Foster also got involved to help out and offered the use of a self-contained studio apartment he owns.

Saleha Ghafoor offered 2 different kinds of accommodation for Liam to use.

The morning after posting the appeal, Liam was inundated with offers and well wishes.

He replied by saying “Hi all, just wanted to say thank you all so much! I’ve had hundreds of offers for accommodation and should have somewhere sorted from tonight. Heading into work now so will reply to messages soon, thanks again all too kind…”


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