Lancashire NHS Pleads ‘Help Us Keep You Safe’

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals released a statement this afternoon to plead the public to stay safe.

The organisation has asked that members of the public think about the activities they are taking part in at home, particularly if those activities could lead to injuries.

A spokesman said:

As everyone will be aware, your hospitals will imminently be put under unprecedented pressure as Coronavirus cases escalate. This will particularly affect intensive care availability as well as ward beds.

We will always try our best to look after you, but it is also a time to look after yourself. Please now take this into consideration when planning your activities.  You may wish to think twice about taking any risks at all with ladders/DIY activities at height and take extra care when driving/cycling.  

You may strongly wish to consider avoiding high-risk sports/leisure activities. Minimising the chance of a serious injury will help us all as a huge pressure mounts on our acute services. Stay safe and help us to keep you safe.

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