How The Larder Is Feeding The Vulnerable In These Uncertain Times

The Larder has launched a project to deliver nutritious home-cooked meals to those in need affected by COVID-19.

The social enterprise which normally is a dietary education resource that promotes healthier food to the public has had to pause their normal operations and also close their cafe on Lancaster Road.

In the wake of the Corona Virus, Director of The Larder, Kay, has launched the Cooking for our Community project to “make a massive difference to the day to day lives of people who are self-isolating in their own homes.”

Not long after the news began about people being forced to self-isolate at home to stop the spread of Corona Virus, Kay began to plan ways The Larder could help the community,

“Pretty quickly I realised that things were going to change, I could see that we were in quite a good position to be able to address the issues that we were about to be faced with.”

Kay found a way of using the dietary expertise of the volunteers at The Larder to good use in a time of crisis,

“The reason that we were doing meals for people was because I’m a nutritionist so I know the importance of nutrition and that this is a virus that attacks people’s immune system so I wanted to give people access to a nutritious meal.”

An appeal was launched on Facebook asking for support in launching this project which was seen by over 15,000 people and more than 40 volunteers came forward to help out in various different ways.

The Larder team launched a crowdfunder so that enough money could be raised to allow the team to offer meals for free,

“I wanted to be able to do it for free, some people can afford it but if somebody asks for a meal I don’t want to question that, we put the crowdfunder together and put a request out for volunteers and we were inundated with offers of help so it’s come together very quickly.”

“It’s really quite incredible, what drives me is seeing the kindness that people show during a crisis, people want an opportunity to show their generosity, all I’m doing is orchestrating peoples kindness.”

The Larder has been offered help in their project from all different areas of the community,

“We’ve been offered fridge space which is fantastic, it means we can get ahead of ourselves, we’ve had donations of ingredients from wholesalers so it means we can continue to use fresh ingredients in the meals that we’re preparing to make sure they’re as healthy as possible.”

Age Concern Central Lancashire, The Foxton Centre and Community Gateway Association are all working with The Larder to identify those who are most in need of the support.

This project has all come together in just 2 weeks and is already making a difference in the local community, this week The Larder has cooked and delivered almost 200 nutritious meals for people in the local community.

You can keep up to date with the project on The Larder’s Facebook page here and you can help out by donating to the crowdfunder here.


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