Local 10-Year-Old Boy Raises Over £3500 For Family Support Charity

Ollie has been running a marathon spread out over 14 days to raise funds for a charity which provides baby essential for families in need.

The local lad has been running around 1.8 miles per day since Sunday 26th April until this Sunday 10th May so that he will have run the equivalent of a marathon for a charity he would like to support.

He chose to raise money for TippyToes Baby Bank. The charity provides essential items such as milk formula, nappies, wipes and furniture to families in desperate need. They have seen a huge rise in demand for their help since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ollie’s mum, Gemma Ashcroft, explains how her son came to decide he wanted to help out TippyToes:

“I’ve been following them on Facebook for a little while and Ollie has a baby sister, he had seen me scrolling through looking at stuff and hearing me talk to my husband about different things they were doing,

“If he sees something on the news that is a bit upsetting it will really bother him so when he heard me mention that there were babies in need of essentials, he wanted to do it.”

The Preston boy is very active and was struggling being stuck at home during the lockdown:

“Ollie was a bit bored being off School, he’s normally very active, he does karate twice a week and football twice a week. He just found it hard to occupy himself really, he was doing a little bit of training in the garden for karate and when he heard me talking about this charity, that’s where the idea came about.

At the time of writing, Ollie has raised a staggering amount of £3517. He couldn’t believe how much he has raised and it has spurred him throughout the challenge:

“I think he was a bit overwhelmed really. When we set the Gofundme page up, he wanted to raise over £1000 but we didn’t expect it to be anywhere near that so we set the target as £500 and within 12 hours, he had over £1200. That was a huge shock and every day it’s been more and more and it’s just making him more determined to do it.”

Ollie has been determined throughout and has not waivered at any point:

“He’s been doing really good, I’ve been quite surprised because I know he’s very sporty and active but I thought possibly, after four or five days he might lose motivation but he’s up early every morning, I’ve been really impressed. If anything I think he is getting more motivated after seeing how much money he’s raised it’s given him more motivation.

You can help Ollie raise as much money as possible for TippyToes by donating to his Gofundme page here.

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