The Weight Loss Group Saying Thankyou To Care Home Workers With Goody Bags

A Local Slimming World group has been handing out goody bags to show their appreciation of the work car home staff have been doing during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Stephanie Blakeley runs Slimming World groups in Ribbleton, Higher Walton and Preston areas. Her and her members wanted to give back to the community and had seen how hard the staff at local care homes at been working.

Stephanie explains how her group wanted to help out in any way they could and they felt care home workers deserved to have a nice treat:

“My members are the most generous people I’ve ever met. They are ALWAYS looking at ways of helping others in need. We, as a group are always bashing our heads together to find ways to give back. A few weeks ago it was suggested that we donate goody bags to the staff at local care homes, like so many they are working under eminence pressures, long hard hours and away from the safety of their own homes and family,

“My members quickly got on board with this and in the space of 24hrs collected enough cash donations to purchase nice items for 30 staff each at 8 local care homes. We provide items such as luxury hand creams, hand washes, bags of boiled sweets, Face wipes, pocket tissues and PPI mask ear savers all hand-knitted and stitched from the hands of Elly and Carmella …And to finish off beautiful homemade by Sam large thankyou cards handwritten.”

Stephanie and her members were humbled by the appreciation from the care home workers. She shares a message of thanks to all key workers:

“My member, Lisa and I hand-delivered these packages on behalf of the group. They were wonderful, many tears of appreciation, They were so surprised and so humbled to be even thought off,

“The appreciation of something so small was so humbling. We can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication. It was a pleasure to give back, we know we can’t help everyone BUT THANK YOU TO ALL THE ESSENTIAL KEY WORKERS WHO CONTINUE TO WORK SO INCREDIBLY HARD … WE’RE ALL SO PROUD AND GRATEFUL OF YOU!”

These are the care homes in Preston that the Slimming World group gave goody bags to:


Stephanie Blakeley

Stephanie praises how thoughtful and giving her members are:

“As a group of members, now friends, it’s so incredible that even though they are all struggling right now, be it – financially, emotionally, through illness and loss of loved ones, they STILL want to reach out to help those that truly need a pickup,

“Honestly, I’ve been a consultant nearly 4 1/2 years and not once have they, as a group ever said no… they are dedicated and selfless and I’m so incredibly proud that they continue to believe in themselves as well as reaching out to believe and help others.”

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