Preston Mosque Shows Appreciation For Local Care Home Workers By Delivering Hot Meals

The Mandani Institue cooked up 30 meals for a care home to recognise their hard work during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Mosque that is based on Deepdale Road has been working tirelessly since the COVID-19 outbreak to give back to the community and look out for those in need.

They have been making regular trips to Royal Preston Hospital to drop off meals and nice treats for nurses and other NHS workers.

That is until recently when they felt that most of the spotlight has been on hospital staff and that care home workers might have been overlooked.

So they paid a visit to the Carewatch care home on Navigation Way to deliver biryani and dessert for the 30 staff working there.

Asif, an Executive Committee Member of the Mandani Institute, explains what the Mosque has been doing recently to show appreciation for care workers in all sectors:

“So we’ve been doing our bit for the NHS and we could see through social media that lots of people were making deliveries to the NHS and we thought ‘maybe we should think about the Ambulance staff and the Fire service’, so we did a few trips over there as well,

“My sister then pointed out that there was a care worker that lived on our road so when delivering pizzas, we also dropped one off for her, she was quite taken aback and mentioned it to her coworkers. It was from that we realised that they might have been forgotten about.”

Members of the Mosque came together to offer what they could to give to the care home staff:

“I can imagine that they probably feel like certain sectors are remembered more and in light of what we have heard in the news that care home workers are the most vulnerable in the community so we knew we should do something.”

“I have a deli/sandwich shop located in the town centre that since lockdown has been shut so we made some biryani and my niece owns a dessert shop so she made desserts for us and other family members chipped in for drinks.”

Asif explains the Mosque’s reasoning for rewarding the NHS and care home staff for their hard work and shares a heartfelt message for all the workers doing their bit to keep the country moving during this pandemic:

“It’s not really about the food, the NHS staff, care home and all key workers will ultimately eat, But it’s the gesture from the donators and the appreciation of the care workers that’s most satisfying,

“Those who treat the sick and those who care for the elderly and vulnerable are going through very difficult circumstances and for them to receive something or from some quarters they did not expect and to see the surprise and delight is what makes us want to do it again,

“To see the joy and smiles will hopefully put that confidence and belief in them even more that all of humanity cares for them as they care for the sick.”

The care home staff took to social media to thank the Mandani Institute for their generous donation, the Carewatch Signature Preston Facebook page posted a picture of some staff with the caption:

“Wow, thank you so much to the Madani Institute in Preston for providing our hero’s with a beautiful meal today! Tasty tea on corporation street provided the main meal of biryani and Juicy Adrusi provided desert! I’m sure it will be enjoyed by all.”

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