The Garstang Pub That Has Become a Foodbank During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Bellflower has been ensuring no one in its local community goes hungry during the COVID-19 outbreak by handing out food and welfare packs to those in need.

The pub which is on Parkside Lane in Garstang has been working tirelessly since March collecting food and essentials to donate it to people who have been affected by the virus.

The popular Garstang venue was forced to close it’s doors when social distancing guidelines come into force, so the staff have been putting their time to very good use.

Heather Brandwood, the manager of the Bellflower, explains the decision to start making and handing out food packs for those in the community in need:

“We’ve always been a community pub. We care about our guests, our team and our neighbours. The pub may be closed but we still have the community at heart. We couldn’t sit and wait for the world to heal itself without playing our part.

“Our Food and Welfare packs are to assist those who are financially burdened by the coronavirus outbreak. This could be in various different ways and include those waiting for government funding with reduced or no income, those who are too sick to work and those who are having to self isolate.”

The pub came up with a fun way of bringing in some more donations, some of the staff have been dressing up as dinosaurs and walking the streets collecting food and essentials people are willing to donate.

A trolley full of goods collected by the dinosaurs

Heather explains the choice of dressing up as dinosaurs and how she was confident the community would help out in a time of need:

“We always get a great response because we live in such an amazing community. When we did the Easter Bunny run, we gave away more than 600 eggs. We knew then it wasn’t about the chocolate (for once!). It was about keeping the community spirit alive. This is such a great way of raising awareness for the food bank and generating additional donations. It’s fun. It’s quirky. It’ll give people some more positive memories of really negative time.

“We are truly humbled by the community spirit and the comradery shown by our neighbours in such a time of crisis. I’m sure we are all aware… there is currently no sign as to when the pandemic will end, but the generosity and compassion shown by so many people suggest what we will be able to carry on helping people for as long as we are needed.”

The pub is need of more donations now more than ever, they posted on their Facebook page asking for more support:

“Our donations have slowed down, but our demand has never been higher. Please, please, carry on with your donations, whether they be monetary or of food itself. If you would like to donate, you are able to leave food donations at our door or add to the go fund me page.”

If would like to support the Bellflower’s cause you donate to their Gofundme page here, or you can drop off food items at the door of the pub which is at Parkside Lane, Preston, Lancs, PR3 0JA.

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