Cleanse UK – About Us

It has been an unfamiliar time for us during the past couple months, as we adapt to the changes of our everyday lives. One aspect that is imperative is ensuring we remain safe and healthy as we slowly take the steps back to normality.

If you’re coming back to work in the next few weeks, safety at work is incredibly important. Cleanse UK’s professional cleaning services can help you maintain a safe environment for your staff and your customers during this difficult time.

Their Variety of Cleaning Services

Cleanse UK dedicate their contamination services to a huge range of industry sectors within the UK, including schools, retail, offices and many more.

It’s so important to keep a clean and healthy environment within schools and universities. Using the most up-to-date ULV fogging machinery, they clean classrooms, kitchens, staff rooms and halls of residence without having to move furniture or equipment. This means that students and teachers are kept as safe as possible.

Within the coming weeks, transport will become increasingly busier. The team at Cleanse can decontaminate the interior of all types of popular transport including trains, coaches, taxis, and white vans. It is imperative to keep public transport clean, which also helps to give you peace of mind when travelling.

Cleanse UK provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution for cleaning and decontaminating retail outlets. Using a ULV fogging, they guarantee to keep shopping centres and supermarkets as clean and safe as possible for everyone.

At Cleanse UK, they take care of the stress, hassle and worry of decontamination so you don’t have to. They aim to exceed the expectations of all their customers with a dedicated and passionate cleaning services.

If you would like to find out more about their cleaning services, simply get in touch with the friendly team today by calling 0800 920 24 99, or fill out an enquiry form, and they will be happy to help.

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