Preston Uncle Running 500 Miles for Nephew on Daily Dialysis

Kenny Gawne will be running 10 miles every day for 50 days raising money for Manchester Children’s Hospital(MCH) in support of his nephew Layton.

Layton Bracey is a young boy from Preston who was tragically left with only 25% kidney function due to an autoimmune disease. He has been incredibly brave and strong whilst being on daily dialysis over the last 12 months.

The young Preston boy suffers from Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP), a disease that affects the blood vessels and causes a spotty rash.

He is unfortunately in 1% of children that develop HSP so severely that it leads to chronic kidney disease.

Kenny Gawne

Kenny is Layton’s uncle and will be turning 50 soon. Like anyone else celebrating a birthday during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kenny was not able to host a big party for the occasion and came up with an alternative.

From 7th June till 26th July, Kenny will be running or walking 10 miles every single day, he will finish on his birthday having completed 500 miles with all the money raised along the way going to MCH.

“I had entered 2 marathons before COVID 19 came along. They were to raise funds for MCH and Layton but were cancelled, so we just came up with the idea of as I am 50 in July and unlikely to be able to have a big party of any kind, I will do a charity event for Layton, 50 days of walking and the last one being on my birthday.”

Kenny explains how Layton’s bravery is a big motivation for him:

“Layton is so brave and always happy he inspires you to do something good also wanted something positive to do in this current period of doom.”

Not being able to have a big party to mark turning 50 was disappointing for Kenny but he is happy to be able to do something for a good cause instead:

“I’m a bit disappointed I can’t have a party, it’s not like you can even put it back a couple of months as this could go on for ages but it does make me happy to be able to do something positive for a place that has looked after Layton so much.”

Kenny is an experienced runner so has set himself a challenging task which will test him:

“It will be tough doing 50 consecutive days, I wanted to set my self a decent challenge, something not too easy. The 500 pound target was pound per mile and hopefully we can still exceed that.”

You can help Kenny reach his fundraising target by donating to his Gofundme page here.

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