Meet The Council Apprentice Who Adapted After Lockdown

Monday 16 March 2020 was a big day in the life of 20 year old, Georgia Fry.

That was the day she started as an Apprentice Customer Service Advisor at Preston City Council.

After completing the new starter induction courses, Georgia had training with one of our managers, Tracey Kemplay and a week later was doing great and flying solo taking calls.

Days later, it was all change when ICT were setting her up for home working, along with most other staff at the council, when the Town Hall was closed to the public due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Chief Executive at Preston City Council, Adrian Phillips, said:

“It was hardly what you call a standard start to a career at the council, but we are all very pleased to have Georgia on board.

“Quickly adapting to working from home and for some colleagues carrying out duties they had never done before, the way our staff have coped and carried on throughout this unprecedented time shows the commitment and dedication to Preston and our residents, customers and businesses.

“We have also welcomed other new colleagues since lockdown, showing we are continuing with the day job as much as possible. Safe working practices for everyone is a priority and colleagues are supported in any way they need. I’m very proud of everyone’s efforts and hard work.”

Georgia added:

“Before coming to the council I worked as a Team Leader in a pub chain for two years whilst completing studies in Health and Social Care and Children’s play, learning and development at Cardinal Newman College alongside my work.

“Having grown up in and around Preston I have always been aware of the council and its activities so when I saw an apprenticeship available I knew it would be an amazing opportunity for me to start a career. However, upon starting I did not realise it would take the turn it did and that I would have to work from home on the phones after only a couple weeks.

“I am so lucky to have the support behind me of my colleagues and in particular my line manager, Karen Milroy, who are only a phone call away for anything that I need and for checking up on me to make sure I am okay on a daily basis. Even though I have been at home for the majority of my time at the council I am thoroughly enjoying myself and have finally found a job where I believe I can progress and make something of myself in the future. I cannot wait until I can get back to work in the Town Hall and carry on my training and interact with everyone again.”

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