The Local Children’s Theatre Group Putting On A Virtual Show For Charity

Kidz4Kidz will be moving their big show online this year so they can carry on supporting local children’s charities.

The non-profit theatre group regularly support local children who are in need of help by putting on a show with the profits going to a good cause.

Of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, any live shows they had planned were cancelled but that hasn’t stopped them trying to make a difference for local children.

This year they will be putting together a show which will be made up of the kids doing a routine at home and will be edited and shown on a live stream for everyone to watch at once.

The group has set up a Justgiving page in the hope of raising enough money to support a local children’s charity.

Cathy Evans, Founder of Kidz4Kidz, describes what the group usually does to support local children:

“Twice a year we put a big cabaret-style show on for children aged 4-18, the ticket sale profit we get always goes to help a local child or children’s charity, we have a lot of adults that get involved to help out and everyone enjoys doing it because we have our own little community group,

“We have had over 600 members in the last 19 years and we’ve raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity. We either do monetary donations or we will buy things like we bought a wheelchair for a young girl or last year we helped a young boy called Ben who needed medication because he couldn’t get it on the NHS.”

Kidz4Kidz haven’t yet found a child in need of support for this year’s show:

“We were still supporting Ben up until February this year when they got a sponsor, so we haven’t got a new child to help out yet, when we haven’t, we give the profits to a local children’s charity like the Space Centre or Derian House. So we haven’t had a child come forward that needs help yet, maybe it’s because they think we are closed.”

The group has been keeping in touch with children by making daily dance videos to post on their Facebook page which is where the idea for the show came from:

“We’ve been doing daily dance challenges since lockdown. We are on day 61 today and the kids have been sending in their videos from home and I’ve been editing them each day to post so they feel like they are doing something,

The Kidz4Kidz Home Dance Challenge Day 60

“We realised what we could do was make that into more of a show, instead of it being a generic video, it can be in the clubs that they are used to. Now there is a team of about five of us that are choreographing the kids. The idea is we will be posting the choreographs on the Kidz4Kidz website so the children can practice and film themselves and send it to us by the end of May and we will edit all those videos together.

The show will be live-streamed so everyone can watch together and feel more connected:

“The finished product will be shown on a live stream where we are all watching it at the same time so we can all comment on it. It’s just a way to keep the kids connected, so they don’t feel like everything has just stopped. We haven’t got an actual date yet, it will probably be mid-June.

You can check out the Kidz4Kidz Facebook page here to find out the date of the show when it is announced. You can help the theatre group reach their fundraising target by donating to their Justgiving page here.

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