Preston Woman Raffles Canvas In Memory Of Late Friend For Mental Health Charity

Charlotte Fisher is raising money for Mind by raffling off a piece of art she created in memory of a friend who died of suicide.

The Preston artist is supporting the mental health charity which recently launched an emergency appeal, Mind states that “the Coronavirus Pandemic is having a huge effect on our mental health.”

Charlotte chose to raise money for Mind after a friend of hers took her own life:

“A week prior to mental health awareness week a friend took her life. It really hit home that you really don’t know what someone is going through and what help they need. The week before she passed away she had messaged me about my canvasses and I felt I just had to continue to create this,

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to actually do with the canvas but then the idea came to me to raise money for something that can help others in that situation.”

The canvas was designed to have a feel of happiness at the request of her friend:

“My friend had requested ‘something green.. something earthy and sunsetty with happy vibes’ so I tried to capture this on the canvas in an abstract style. I wanted it to be something bright that could bring some joy to whoever takes a glance over it.”

Charlotte explains why she belivies it is important people support the mental health charity:

“I think because mental health is a part of everyone’s lives in some way shape or form – be it direct or indirect with someone they love experiencing problems at some stage in their life – most can relate to the need for a help service. Even though mental health is talked about more these days there is still a stigma around it and a lot of people hide what they’re going through.

She was surprised at the amount people donating to her cause:

“I am more than pleased with the money that has been raised so far I have now received over £400 for the charity.. as I have never done anything like this before I had no idea anyone apart from close family and friends would really take to it. I was expecting around £100.

Charlotte rediscovered her love of art after having time on her hands during lockdown:

“I have always loved everything arty since I was young but hadn’t done much with it. At the start of lockdown, I redecorated my room and painted a canvas for it which reminded me of my love for painting. With the extra time at home on my hands, I did some more to follow this just for fun.

“I enjoy painting animals, using bright colours and abstract styles as they can be interpreted in so many different ways by people. I love getting feedback on how the painting made someone feel. It was daunting at first but I’m so glad I overcame the nervousness.”

You can help Charlotte raise as much as possible for Mind by entering her raffle. For information on how to enter, check out her Instagram page dedicated to her art here.

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