Royal Preston Hospital Offers New Video Service To Connect Parents With Premature & Unwell Babies

A new video messaging service has been launched at Royal Preston Hospital to enhance family bonds during the lockdown.

The service is aimed at easing the stress and anxiety caused to families who are separated from their premature and unwell babies.

Secured by funding from the Baby Beat charity at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, vCreate allows staff on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to record short video updates of babies for parents to watch when they are unable to be on the unit.

Baby Beat Appeal Manager, Cathy Skidmore, said:

“When it just isn’t possible for parents to take their new baby home straight away, it can be really emotionally distressing for families.

“The vCreate service means that when parents and other family members can’t be on the unit, they can still feel connected to their new arrival. Parents can watch the videos at any time and on any device, as well as being able to download the videos and access a baby care video diary to keep a log of their baby’s progress. 

“This has been particularly beneficial recently, with many parents needing to spend more time at home with their other children while schools have been closed.”

“Our neonatal staff are committed to ensuring families are as connected as possible when they can’t be on the unit, and this is one lovely way in which they can make that happen.”

Joanne Smith, Matron on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“The vCreate service is a brilliant way of helping parents to feel connected to their babies when they can’t be on the unit.

“To be away from your baby is extremely difficult, but to know they are receiving excellent care and seeing their baby on a video provides some comfort for families.

“We as a team are doing our utmost to ensure families stay updated on their baby’s care and progress, keeping that strong connection going until it’s time for them to be together at home.”

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