Preston Woman Launches Fundraiser To ‘Bring A Smile’ To Residents Of A Local Care Home

Gemma Karakurt is appealing for donations to buy books, puzzles and other activities to ‘brighten the day’ of the residents of Finney House Care Home.

The local teacher was concerned about the residents who have not been allowed visitors since the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic:

“I am doing the fundraiser to collect books, puzzles, crafts, jigsaws and activities for the residents of Finney House who suffer from dementia. At the moment they aren’t allowed visitors with the pandemic happening,

“After seeing my family yesterday for the first time in a while, I realised how difficult it must be for people who are in hospitals and care homes who are not allowed visitors,

Finney House cares for dementia sufferers, Gemma has had family members who have suffered from the syndrome and understands how loneliness can affect them:

“My grandad also had dementia and I know how lonely he felt when he didn’t have visitors so I just wanted to do something that would cheer everyone up and keep their minds busy during the lonely time.”

“Interaction and activity are vital for any elderly person especially people who have dementia. They have got to keep their brain active.”

Gemma Karakurt

Gemma witnessed how much visiting her grandad meant to him and why it is important to check up on your elderly relatives:

“To be honest, the family visited him often (this was before the COVID-19 pandemic) but you could see the importance to him when we visited. Interaction is so important with the elderly and dementia sufferers.”

You can help Gemma reach her fundraising target by donating to her Facebook fundraiser page here.

Gemma’s fundraiser comes during Loneliness Awareness Week, a campaign to promote discussion about loneliness and the importance of checking in on relatives that may be affected.

The campaign was launched by the loneliness charity, Marmalade Trust who are encouraging people to talk about it openly.

They have launched a virtual campaign called ‘One Less Lonely Voice’, You can check out how you can get involved here.

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