Here Are Some Inspiring Preston Dads-Related Stories To Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday 21st June so we are taking a look through some of the great things local dads have done recently.

On Sunday, it’s a time to show some appreciation to our dads or father figures in our life.

This year could more important than ever given that some people might not have seen their dad in person for months if they are isolating due to being more at risk if they contract COVID-19.

Here is our top 5 inspiring dad related stories from the past few months:

5. Penwortham Dad Climbs Mount Everest From Home

David Rose took on the very tough challenge of completing 55,070 steps of his staircase which is the equivalent of climbing the highest mountain in the world.

The Penwortham dad managed to raise £2,482 for NHS Charities Together and even got his son involved to help out:

“My son, Edward who is 4, is really keen to help too so he will be covering a small section of the steps to help his Dad when I need a rest. He is excited, he may only do a few steps in the day but I would like him involved if possible.”

4. Father And Daughter’s Charity Challenge For Help For Heroes

Jason Mayor and his daughter, Abigal, both took on very tough challenges to support the army veteran charity.

Jason was facing the task of a 350-mile bike ride through several historic battle sites from World War 2 in France.

Whilst Abigal was putting her recently learned rock climbing skills to the test by taking on an indoor rock climb, scaling the equivalent of Blackpool tower.

Abigal absolutely smashed her challenge. Unfortunately, Jason’s cycle was postponed till next year due to COVID-19 but he already reached his fundraising goal so has plenty of time to train for the Big Battlefield Bike Ride.

3. Preston Uncle Running 500 Miles for Nephew on Daily Dialysis

Kenny Gawne is currently in the middle of his 500-mile running challenge for his nephew Layton, he is running 10 miles a day from 7th June till 26th July.

Layton Bracey is a young boy from Preston who was left with only 25% kidney function due to an autoimmune disease. He has been on daily dialysis for the last 12 months.

Kenny will be turning 50 in July and of course can’t have a party due to COVID-19 so came up with the charity challenge as a great alternative, he explains how big of a motivator Layton is for him:

“Layton is so brave and always happy, he inspires you to do something good. I also wanted something positive to do in this current period of doom.”

You can still donate to help Kenny reach his fundraising goal by clicking here.

2. Ainsley’s Skydive In Memory Of Late Stepdad

Ainsley Charles will be facing his fears and jumping 10,000 ft from a plane for a mental health charity in honour of his stepdad who died of suicide.

The Preston lad is incredibly brave and used the loss of his stepdad, who he was very close to, as a motivator to help others and to “raise awareness for the daily struggles someone has with mental health and all those who suffer in silence.”

You can still help Ainsley reach his fundraising target by donating here.

1. Ste’s Heartfelt Message To NHS Staff Who Saved His Granddaughter

Ste Jones feared for his granddaughter’s life after she was rushed to the hospital and was critically ill.

The family faced a nightmare couple of weeks in worry before she had a successful heart surgery operation and is now on the mend.

The Preston grandad heaped praised on the NHS workers that saved his granddaughter’s life:

“The NHS staff are taken for granted! In the current pandemic when the majority of people are hiding at home, they can’t see all the doctors, nurses, health care workers, porters, cleaners, pharmacists, admin staff that are turning up in their thousands to keep the country ticking over,

“Not only are they saving lives but they are still performing life-saving operations and still dealing with day to day accidents and emergencies with limited resources, the NHS is what makes Britain great when all this is over I hope they all get the recognition they deserve.”

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