This Preston Fundraiser Is Helping Artists Struggling Due To COVID-19

Garry Cook has started a fundraiser for artists with lost income to produce new work to be showcased when COVID-19 social distancing has finished.

The freelance photographer wants to support local artists who may have struggled during the Coronavirus pandemic due to cancelled work.

He also wants to bring back some live performances and creativity to be showcased in Preston once again as he thinks the city has been missing it during lockdown:

“Its people have been starved of live theatre, performance and art experience and I want to make sure we bounce back with a celebration of this area’s brilliant creativity.”

The majority of artists work freelance and any kind of event or exhibition has been cancelled leaving many creators in a tough position:

“A lot of my work is working with creative people and performers and I’m freelance myself so I’m well aware of the financial struggles these creatives go through anyway in normal times,

“So many freelancers have had 95% of their income cut off in one go, all their work stopped and they’ve got very little money and I thought this was a really good idea to bring some money in from them and get them some work during the lockdown.”

Gary is allowing artists to send in their suggestions for why their work should be showcased in a post-lockdown celebration:

“When this lockdown ends, the people who get the money will create some new work to be performed or exhibited and we can have a celebration of creativity in Preston,

“The idea is to get £1000 and pay five artists £200 each to create their work, they can send in their suggestions and I will pick what I think is the best five for the city.”

Gary welcomes the artists to get creative in whatever way they like and looks forward to seeing what they come up with:

“Whatever their art is, it could be a sculpture, fine art, photography, performance or poetry, it’s just about selling it to me in 300 words, you’ve got to make it sound like the most exciting thing they can for me to want that to be done. Obviously a sculpture would cost so much in time and materials, it might not be worth the £200 but you are welcome to apply,

“Any creatives can apply, I’m not limiting it to one strand. I know a lot of artists in Preston and how creative they can be especially when there is a limited budget, that sometimes makes you be more creative. I’m happy to look at anything and everything.”

At the time of writing, Garry’s Gofundme page has raised £690 so still has a way to go to hit the target of £1000, you can help out by donating here.

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