Preston Woman Will Run 50 Miles To Raise Money For Grandparents Who Suffer From Dementia

Emma-Louise Delaney will be running 50 miles throughout June to support Alzheimer’s Society because of how Dementia has affected her family.

The Preston girl took on a tough test as before the challenge she said she was ‘not great at running’ but has improved greatly as she nears the end.

Emma understands the affect Dementia can have on a person as two of her grandparents have suffered from the syndrome.

She explains why she took on the running challenge for Alzheimer’s Society:

“I had seen the charity advertising it online. I’m not great at running either so thought it would also help me get a bit better,

“My nana had it before she passed away and my grandad was diagnosed with it about 8 months ago now. Something that affected my family a few years ago and now again with my grandad.”

Dementia is a syndrome associated with memory loss but can also cause problems with mental sharpness and quickness, understanding and judgement.

Emma explains the affect it had on her grandparents:

“My nana was in a care home so had carers there 24/7 which helped the family a lot. She remembered who we were for quite some time before she got to the stage where she didn’t recognise us which was difficult. She was easily confused and was fairly vacant,


“My grandad at the moment is struggling understanding COVID-19 and not being able to leave the house, my grandma is caring for him at the moment at home,

“His memory has obviously deteriorated but he still can remember a lot about his childhood and his younger days so we hear a lot of old stories which is nice, he’s still himself which is good!”

Going into the challenge, Emma was not confident of her running ability and was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to finish it but has kept on improving and getting quicker:

“I was so worried about it as I’ve never been good at running. My first run was more of a run/walk. After my first run, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it, and I was panicked with it being for charity as well, a bit of added pressure,

“I’ve stuck with it though, I’ve managed to cut my time by quite a bit, I’m nearly 2 minutes quicker per mile now I can run without stopping. I’m actually enjoying running as well which I never thought I would!”

She likes to take different routes on each run and has got her boyfriend involved to give her that extra push:

“I try and mix it up! I plan a route and then always add little loops on if I feel I can run more. My boyfriend Chris has helped when I have needed a bit of motivation, he’s a better runner than me so has helped!”

You can help Emma raise as much as possible before she finishes her Run For Dementia challenge at the end of June by donating here.

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