Would Our Online Tuition Suit You?

Working from home can be tough, but so can continuing your education from outside the walls of your classroom. Being in a different learning environment can be distracting, but it is important to continue with your studies throughout these coming weeks and months.

We want to help as much as we can, which is why we are offering online tuition to keep our students positive and on track with their studies.

What is Zoom?

Since the introduction of the lockdown, the use of Zoom has dramatically increased. As an easy and reliable way of video communication, you can learn from the comfort of your own home. This online technology is incredibly popular for businesses as they are able to conduct meetings, webinars, audio conferences and much more to help their companies run as efficiently as possible.

This is also a great platform to continue your learning with online tuition. Our tutors are here to help you focus and further your education online.

Who Can Benefit from our Online Tuition?

Every year is important within your education, but for others, the leap to the year ahead can be daunting if you feel like you’re not prepared. This is where our online tuition can help you.

Are you a Year 6 student concerned about starting your new chapter at high school? Our online tuition is here to help you get your confidence back, succeed within your studies and be ready to move into Year 7.

Are you in Year 7 and struggling to adjust to high school? This is common with many students as it’s a completely new world. But our tutors are here to help you settle and succeed in your new environment.

If you’re half way through, or nearing the end of high school, you’ll begin to feel the pressures of GCSE’s coming up. If you feel like you’re getting behind on your studies, we can help you get your education back on track. Studies have shown students in Year 10 achieve better than their predicted grades with tuition, and that is what we aim for.

At Preston Tuition Centre, our qualified teachers know how to encourage, motivate and engage children, whether it’s face to face or online. They aim to make a difference to your child’s life by sharing their professional knowledge and experience of the local education system and curriculum.

All our tutors are fully qualified teachers and have extensive experience in the teaching and tutoring of a wide range of ages and abilities.

If you would like to find out more about our fantastic online tuition services – simply get in touch with our experts today who will be happy to help.

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