Ribble Residents Warned Of Paypal Text Scam

The South Ribble Borough Council is asking residents to be on the lookout for a scam Paypal text message.

A fake ‘Your account is currently suspended’ has been doing the rounds, being sent to a number of UK phone numbers.

The text message comes with a ‘dagerous link’ that seems half-credible but will maliciously ask for personal details.

A South Ribble Borough Council spokesman said:

“Be on the lookout for this text message scam purporting to be from PayPal.

“Do not click on the link! If possible, BLOCK this phone number and DELETE the message.

“Most importantly, DO NOT CLICK ON LINK! It is NOT from PayPal, even if the link looks half-credible. The link is dangerous and will maliciously ask for personal details, again pretending to be PayPal.

“Do not disclose banking details if prompted to do so by random mobile phone numbers or messages!”

Lancashire’s Trading Standards team added:

“Paypal Scam being sent by text, the website is a scam site designed to steal your personal and banking details.

“If you get this through block the number if you can and delete.”

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