Chorley Mum Helping Put A Smile On The Faces of Patients On Children’s Ward

Sophie Dempsey successfully raised enough money to buy 40 magic painting books to be donated to the children’s ward at Royal Preston Hospital.

The Chorley mum wanted to donate something for the children on the ward who had been there for a long time and hadn’t had many family visits since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Sophie and her daughter, Ellen, spent some time on the ward at the start of 2020 and says they were both very well looked after:

“My daughter was admitted to RPH for 3 days back in January when she was 3 months old. She’s entirely breastfed and allergic to cows milk, the ward treated Ellen and myself so well, catered to all our needs perfectly including giving me a bed and an allergy menu for dairy-free meals so I could care for her and continue feeding her,

“A play therapist brought in some toys for her as we were isolated to a side room and she told me how they have some more long term patients on the children’s wards who can be there for months and so that’s where their role really came in helping children with play and education whilst some may be missing school.”

Sophie was concerned for the long term patients on the Children’s ward:

“When COVID-19 came about and hospital visiting was restricted I was thinking a lot about those children who were on the wards for long periods of time and without having friends and extended family being able to visit worried about them,

She decided to donate magic painting books to cheer the kids up:

“Meanwhile, I had joined Usborne books at home selling children’s books to family and friends and then I decided if I could raise some money to buy the children some magic painting books this would help entertain them and bring a smile,

“When I managed to raise approx £300 I realised that with the commission I receive on selling the books I could actually buy £400 worth of books,

“That’s when I decided I would but approx 40 magic painting books that can be given to the individual children but then also some hardback books that can be disinfected between use for the younger children and babies including some educational books with numbers, counting and alphabet!”

The fundraiser had a great response and she managed to raise £320 in a short space of time:

“It was lovely to get such a good response, it was all family and friends that donated and I do have very generous and kind family and friends and the feedback I had was that it was just such a good cause they wanted to help!”

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