Lancashire Councils Work Together On ‘Bold’ Plan For The Economy Post-Lockdown

A Lancashire contingent of local authorities has come together to identify what industries need the most support post-lockdown.

The Lancashire County Council has described the partnership’s vision as bold, as the authorities work with Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and stakeholder organisations to rebuild the economy.

Working alongside regeneration guru Sir Howard Bernstein and his team at Deloittes, the plan, which has already been sent to the Prime Minister for consideration, has now been published.

The document explains how urgent action is needed to safeguard the economy of Lancashire and to help it florish in the future.

It also states how Lancashire is a, “brilliant collective of brands, brains, products, people, places, services, heritage, land and opportunity, with huge potential for growth.”

Councillor Geoff Driver CBE, leader of Lancashire County Council, said:

“Lancashire has come together at this really difficult time to plan a way forward to protect our economy, and help it grow in the future.

“These plans provide an accurate blueprint of where we are now, and the challenges we face, and by working together we can show just how much the county, our residents and our businesses have to offer.”

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