Lancashire Warned Not To Light BBQs or Campfires

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has taken to social media to once again warn of the dangers of wildfires in our County.

Recently fire crews spent days tackling major blazes at Darwen Moor and Beacon Fell.

Since then, the Fire and Rescue teams have continually reminded the public of the dangers that come with lighting BBQs and campfires.

A Lancs Fire and Rescue spokesman said:

“Sadly Lancashire knows only too well the devastating effects of wildfires. Despite this, we continue to experience avoidable fires in open spaces across the county, causing long-lasting harm to wildlife, habitats and biodiversity.

“Please look after Lancashire’s outdoors.

“Never be tempted to light barbecues or campfire which can easily get out of control and quickly spread.

“Discarded cigarettes and litter such as glass bottles can also easily start a fire.”

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