Preston Mum Uses Facebook Group To Help NHS Staff In Need Of Toiletries

Amy-louise Quayle has been donating much-needed toiletries to staff at Royal Preston Hospital with the support from a local Facebook group.

The mum of four is a member of the Facebook group ‘We are Fulwood’ and has garnered support from the groups members by pooling donations to buy shampoo and shower gel.

Amy has been supporting local NHS staff since the begining of lockdown, it all started when she saw a news report about how NHS staff could not buy toiletries:

“At the beginning of lockdown when all the shop shelves were empty, I was watching the news so closely and it said that nursing staff were struggling to get hold of shower gels and soaps to clean themselves as they were having to shower each shift before they left the hospital, I thought ‘oh my how dreadful to be working so hard like nurses do and not even be able to get properly clean after your shift’,

“I’m an Avon lady. I thought if I could collect some money, I could place an order at cost price and send it in to the hospital. I’m a member of the We are Fulwood Facebook page and thought I would just see what people on there thought, their response was overwhelming.”

Face mists and barrier creams donated to the hospital

She was apprehensive about asking people to give her money but got a great response and donated plenty of supplies:

“I was surprised people were so keen to donate as I was wary of asking for people to give me money but I was very transparent with them and showed them the amount raised and what I had ordered,

“So with the original funds raised we sent in shower gels shampoo/ conditioner and deodorants sitewide across the majority of the staff at RPH. We made sure the supplies were shared amongst everyone, the cleaning staff and porters too.”

Amy-Louise Quayle

The group were so keen to help that Amy managed to do a few donations to RPH, she then spoke to staff to find out what was the biggest problem for them and the best way she could help:

“I had been in touch with some of the staff who were working in ICU in full Plastic PPE and I asked them what their biggest issue was and they told me how their faces were so sore behind all the plastic, so I thought again about what I could do and with the next donations I ordered facial hydration sprays, gentle face wipes and facial barrier creams again on nonprofit orders.”

ICU night staff with facial mists

The facial mist sprays are designed to keep the user cool on hot and humid days, they were very well received by the NHS staff:

“I have received various thank you cards from staff and boxes of chocolates and flowers which has been so nice and so unexpected but they expressed what a huge difference the mists were making to them. My family even got nominated to be gifted a sweetie box from a local company Munch to thank us for everything we have done, which my four children absolutely loved.”

Amy is still hoping to do another donation and says you can email her at if you are interested.

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