Preston Community Group Turn Up To Support Charity Walk For Young Carson

Preston’s Here for Humanity group took to the streets with food and water to help out a group walking 30 miles to raise money for a sick young boy.

The Shad Chef’s organised a walk from Blackburn to Blackpool to help pay for Carson Adams to have major heart surgery.

Two-year-old Carson has a congenital heart disease which means his heart is on the wrong side of his body.

The group regularly raises money to support families on their estate in Shadsworth, Blackburn. They managed to raise over £3,000 on Saturday for the young boy.

Carson and his dad outside Evans Fish and Chips

The group set off from Shadsworth in Blackburn on Saturday and stopped off in Preston along the way for breaks. They had pit stops at the KFC on Preston New Road, the Hesketh’s Arms pub and Evans Fish and Chips.

The Here of Humanity community group offered a helping hand to the Shad Chefs as they passed through Preston. They brought food and water for them and cheered them along.

Chris, the founder of Here for Humanity, explains how they offered their support:

“We filled the Hesketh car park with bottles of water first and we had three support cars. We drove out in a support vehicle and met them at their second stop, the KFC on Preston New Road.

“We then watched them into Preston and went to set up Hesketh Arms. We then got set up at Evan’s, We got fruit donated from St Stephen’s school at Broadgate and have been collecting water and energy drinks for a couple of weeks.”

Chris got a chance to speak to Carson and his family and learn more about they have been through:

“When they reached Evan’s they were really tired but then got the biggest surprise, Carson himself turned up and this encouraged them on so much. I was talking to Carson’s mum, he was a little down that day but still trooped on,

“His mum spent a bit off time showing me his previous operations and it just made me realise how much more important it is that he gets support. His operation is supposed to be for children over 5 and he is under 3.”

The Shad Chefs took to Facebook to praise everyone that helped out on Saturday:

“Each and every one of you that did that walk today should be immensely proud of yourselves. Absolute warriors every single one of you. There have been blood, sweat and tears shed today, but we’ve done it together,

“The sense of community that has been generated from this Walk for Carson has been nothing short of amazing. Not only did community organisations from Blackburn get involved, but also groups from Preston.”

They also posted on Facebook to say how important the event was to them and how much they wanted to support Carson:

“I am so proud of us. It’s awesome! Not just with this event, but all the events we do. We ask for nothing in return. We just love the buzz we get from helping others and trying to use our platform to make a difference,

“This event was very close to us and the biggest challenge to date. The people that got behind us and jumped on it was out of this world and all for little Carson, Amy, Westy and the girls.”

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