The Charity Offering A Helping Hand To A Preston Community In Crisis

An addiction charity has responded to a rise in drug/alcohol use in Plungington by offering a self-referral service to those who are struggling.

The Tribal Project is a charity based in Plungington that offers drug and alcohol recovery services and looks to rehabilitate people with addiction problems through therapy and work experience.

The charity has witnessed the rise of crime in the area since the lockdown began and are looking to offer their support to the community.

Ian Edmonson, co-founder of the Tribal Project, explains the effect the Coronavirus Pandemic has had on the people of Plungington:

“Since Coronavirus, an awful lot of communities are struggling, for example in London, they are having block parties, you’ve got a community that’s in lockdown and it turns into a pressure cooker. Plunginton is no different, you’ve got a lot of people who would not normally be home who are witnessing anti-social behaviour on a daily basis because they’re not going to work and they’ve been making complaints to the police.”

Preston Police have clamped down on crime in the area but Ian wants to tackle the issue with a different approach:

“The police have reacted and come down heavy. If you go on Preston Police Facebook page there are 18 posts from the last two weeks all to do with drugs and crime in Plunginton. The police did two raids yesterday, people are going up at court, people are getting sent down but its all well and good going at the community with a stick but there has to be another side to it, there has to be an offer to the community that are using or misusing drugs and alcohol,

“We’re a way out, we can show you how to move forward, avoid arrest and start making positive changes in your life. This is the first time in our history that we are offering preferential places on our workshops or our 1-2-1s for one specific community, we’ve never done that before. For the next six months, anybody from the Plungy area who needs our support will get prioritised and will get immediate support from us.”

Ian explains how the charity felt they had to intervene and offer their support to ease this issue:

“We couldn’t stand by and watch it happen, we were coming into work and people had been using heroin in our car park. We’re saying to ourselves ‘we’re here and we have the expertise to be able to deal with this’, okay we’re not getting funded for it but at the end of the day something needs doing, it is a reaction to a community that is in freefall at the minute,

“We are doing it because we have a social responsibility and we do not want to see our neighbourhood get any worse, we want to see it improve because we love Plungy and it can be so much better than it is, it just needs the support.”

A Tribal Project Poster

If you or someone you know is having problems with drug and alcohol usage, you can call the Tribal Project on 01772 827840. For any more information, you can check out the Tribal Project Facebook page by clicking here or their website by clicking here.

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