The Preston Radiochemist Ensuring Nobody Went Without Hand Sanitiser During COVID-19

Lukasz Niebieszczanski provided over 350 people with free hand santiser during the COVID-19 Pandemic after some vendors were extorting people.

The demand for santising hand gel went through the roof when the pandemic began and Lukasz wanted to make sure no one was forced to pay over the odds.

Lukasz is a radiochemist and is also the founder of MCR Therapies in Fulwood. He had seen the rise in price for hand gel and decided to do something about it:

“There was a shortage and some vendors started to extort people. I found that disgusting because many of those people had fallen into anxiety not having any means to sanitise their hands when outside homes. One small bottle of hand gel was like £50 on eBay so I said a firm no to that,

“There was also an aspect of quality of some available products, the alcohol contents was too low in some and some didn’t contain any sanitising agents, just perfume and still was labelled as ‘hand gel’ but without any information if it’s antibacterial, virucidal or what. I wanted to give people some reassurance, hopefully, it worked for them.”

MCR Therapies produced their own sanitising liquid from the World Health Organisation’s recommendation using isopropyl alcohol to ensure the liquid they were handing out to people was up to standard.

Lukasz has now stopped the service as the demand has dropped and many shops are fully stocked. He explains what it meant to him to be able to do this and how he would be ready to offer it again should it be needed:

“Since March I’ve dispensed 387 x 100ml so that makes nearly 35L of 99% isopropyl alcohol. I’ve met many local people and I’m happy I could at least make them feel a bit safer (perhaps). It’s priceless and very important to me. Obviously I’m ready to resume this service if it’s needed again. Hopefully, I will never have to do it and things will go back to normal.

Lukasz provided this service whilst working night shifts at the NHS as a radiochemist. He has also since started offering free acupuncture for people with PTSD, anxiety and insomnia:

“The response was good, despite the fact it was offered once the pandemic was ongoing. Many people were returning for more, It seems the situation made many people anxious. Help is still offered to those in need,

“I am also on suicide prevention call, people may call me and I will listen. I’ve got myself trained online with a short course on how to provide help in certain cases, Thankfully since last year, only one person needed it. They are okay now.”

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