Preston Train Manager Uses Skills From Previous Job To Produce Scrubs For NHS

Janet Bamber put her sewing skills to good use during lockdown by making over 50 scrubs and over 1000 accessories for NHS staff in Lancashire.

Janet is a train manager at Avanti West Coast and has volunteered her time during the COVID-19 Pandemic by reviving her skills from a previous career.

She used her sewing experience from three decades ago to support the efforts of two community groups, North West Sewing Group and For the Love of Scrubs North West.

The train manager was once a seamstress at Bentwood Brothers in Chorley, which supplied Marks & Spencers. She decided to use some time off to make scrubs for NHS staff who are struggling to get them during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Janet was a full-time seamstress until she started a family and joined the railway in 1997. She has always had a passion for sewing and saw the perfect opportunity to have another go.

The former seamstress has been able to dedicate more time while she was off work awaiting an operation and to date has made nearly 50 sets of scrubs and 1,000 headbands, scrub bags and ear defenders from duvets and other materials donated to the group.

In addition, she has been making items for colleagues across the West Coast Main Line and friends whose relatives work for the NHS.

Janet explains what prompted her to join in with the community groups and begin producing the scrubs:

“Being at home with nowhere to go, I wanted to make the most of my time and do something worthwhile during the coronavirus pandemic. I’m passionate about sewing and volunteering my time to make scrubs and accessories seemed the best way for me to make a difference,

“It has been brilliant to play a part in helping my local community while being able to do something I love, and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to do this.”

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