A Preston Youth Theatre Group Unable To Perform As Normal Is In Need Of Support

Double R Arts was forced to cancel any upcoming performances including their end of year show due to COVID-19 and are now appealing for support.

Most charities were hit hard by the Coronavirus Pandemic and this charity theatre group was no exception. The Penwortham group regularly hosts live performances raising money for other charities like St.Catherine’s Hospice.

All upcoming live performances were put on hold until further notice. The group has been doing virtual sessions since April but has not charged any money for this.

Double R Arts performing at Penwortham Gala

Rachel from Double R Arts explains why they put on the virtual shows:

“The reason for these sessions was to be able to keep in touch with our young people and to be there for them in this very unusual and strange time. They’ve been incredibly successful and we’ve created some very special and interesting performances but we didn’t charge from the beginning,

“To be honest, that was partly because we didn’t think we would still be doing them for as long as we have been but also we didn’t feel that was why we were running them in the first place, however, we now have to think seriously about our future.”

Beth Blenkinship, Double R Arts Coordinator, explains how the group is struggling because of COVID-19:

“As we have not been together for the last four months we have not been able to fundraise, charge subscriptions or receive donations as we normally would, which would allow us to continue our work with children and young people,

“Whenever it is safe and practical to do so we want to be able to return in person to work with our members. To be able to do this we need to be able to keep ourselves afloat financially as we still have ongoing costs, during this time. In 2021 we will celebrate 10 years of Double R Arts and we REALLY want to get to this milestone and celebrate in style!”

A video update from Rachel on Double R Arts current situation

The group has already done a great job fundraising, at the time of writing they have managed to raise £955. You can still get involved to help them by donating here.

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