Preston Crime Dropped 50% During Lockdown, Despite Anti-Social Spike

According to new police data, crime dropped in Preston by roughly 50% during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The data shows that prior to Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing the UK would enter a lockdown, Preston reported roughly 350 crimes a month in 2020.

Following the lockdown’s implementation on March 23rd, the number of crimes reported in April and March were around half that figure.

Most offences in May 2020 (which is the latest point the data has been published up to) came from anti-social behavior.

In January 350 crimes were reported to Lancashire Police, February saw a slight rise to 362 crimes, and March saw a slight decrease down to 338.

April, following lockdown restrictions, saw a significant drop in reported crime, down to 175 crimes. May saw another drop, this time less significant, down to 171 reported crimes in a month.

Strangely, although overall crime is down, anti-social related reports are up significantly.

The Conversation reported:

“It is plausible that the lockdown resulted in a genuine shift in “traditional” antisocial behaviour, such as nuisance noise from neighbours.

“But the National Police Chiefs’ Council has said that this increase can largely be attributed to people breaching lockdown guidelines.”

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