The Preston Man Running 100 Miles For Teenage Cancer Charity

Kieran Robinson is taking on a huge running challenge throughout August to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

He will be attempting to run 100 miles during August whilst raising money for the charity which offers care and support for young cancer patients in the UK.

According to their website, the cancer charity offers specialised nursing care to the 2500 young people who are diagnosed with cancer every year as they “put the needs of young people first and allow them to face those challenges together.”

He wanted to offer his support for Teenage Cancer Trust after thinking about what young people diagnosed with cancer must go through:

“The idea actually came from an advert on Facebook and after lockdown, I have found myself keeping a lot more active, I’ve got a teenage sibling and so it made me think how horrible it would be to receive news like that and what young people diagnosed with cancer and their families must go through,

“Added to that I couldn’t imagine being so young and having to deal with something so terrifying. I’ve never taken on a challenge like this so I thought why not, and while I’m doing it I can raise money for families and young people that are facing really tough circumstances.”

Kieran is confident he is up to the task and is well prepared for it, he has planned out a route which should get him to his target amount of miles:

“It will be a challenge, but I have worked out if I run 4 miles a day for the month I’ll exceed 100 miles and I’m fairly confident I can manage that. I do a lot of cycling mainly but I get the odd 5/6k in when I can, plenty of food, sleep and deep heat and I should be fine!

“I have one that I know is just under 4 miles so I will be using that one mainly but knowing me I’ll probably get bored and start mixing it up!”

He intends on bringing his dog with him as a running partner to help keep him going:

“I have a Springer spaniel called Arthur and I’m planning on bringing him on some of the runs, he won’t be complaining! he’s literally got unlimited energy, he could probably do 100 miles within a week!”

Kieran’s dog Arthur

You can help Kieran raise as much as possible for Teenage Cancer Trust by donating to his fundraiser here.

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