Preston Facebook Group Rally Round To Replace Stolen Bike

A young Preston boy had his bike stolen whilst doing his paper round and members of the Facebook group We Are Fulwood chipped in to replace it.

Josh gets up early every morning to cycle around Fulwood delivering papers to the neighbourhood. One morning whilst delivering a paper to a house on Conway Drive, he dropped his bike on the pavement outside to put the paper through the door.

Whilst he was putting the paper through the door, a person jumped on his bike and rode off. He finished his paper round and returned home devasted.

Josh’s mum, Ruth Rothwell, posted in the Facebook group We Are Fulwood explain what had happened in the hope someone might have seen anything. She explained how important the bike was to him and that he wouldn’t be able to replace it himself:

“My son gets up every morning, 7 days a week all through this pandemic to deliver his papers, so unfair. He can’t afford a new one and will have to walk his paper round every day now until he can get a new one.”

Josh’s stolen bike

Ruth and Josh couldn’t believe the response the post got and how many people were angry about what happened and were willing to help:

“He was doing his paper round which he does every morning, he left it at top of someone’s drive and while posting paper through the door, it was stolen. He completed his paper round and came home devastated,

“I posted in the group in the hope someone would find it, dumped maybe and we could get it back. The reaction was unbelievable, offers flooded in of people offering to lend bikes and offer to chip for a new one.”

Emma Elizabeth created a fundraiser to pool the donations coming in to help replace Josh’s stolen bike, that added with a donations from the workers of Preston Locks meant Josh could get a brand new bike:

“James Farnworth from Preston Locks did a collection at work and brought round £80 and then a lovely lady called Emma started a full collection. It was amazing and we were totally overwhelmed. Josh got a brand new bike, another family had lent him a bike to use till it came too and another lady called round with a new bike lock.”

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