Young Penwortham Lad Raises Over £700 For Local Hospice With 30 Mile Running Challenge

Jack Mawdsley ran over 30 miles in 30 days to raise money for St.Catherine’s Hospice who have supported his family over the years.

Nine-year-old Jack is very active, he is an avid swimmer and regularly plays football so found himself a bit stuck when both of those things stopped because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Jack’s mum, Lisa, explains how her and her husband were trying to find something to keep him active whilst in lockdown:

“Both me and my husband do running as a hobby, last year I did a half marathon and raised money for St.Catherine’s. Jack by tradition is a swimmer, obviously, through lockdown, there was no more swimming or football, none of the things he does to keep active,

“Me and my husband took him on out on a couple of short runs to keep him fit whilst he couldn’t go swimming. We were thinking of something to focus him long term and he was quite enjoying running so between the three of us we came up with the idea for the challenge.”

St.Catherine’s is a charity very close to the hearts of Jack and his family which is why they picked them to raise some money for:

“He remembers that I did it last year and raised money for charity, we thought about St.Catherine’s because I did it for them, it is a charity close to our families hearts. We’ve got friends who have had support from them,

“Jack’s school friend’s mum was at St.Catherine’s only last Christmas and sadly passed away. He was very happy to do it for them and we set up the page without any major expectations of how much to raise.”

Jack was very determined and didn’t let a couple of falls along the way stop him reaching his goal:

“We arranged them for around two miles and his longest run was over four miles. He didn’t run every day, we said to him ‘if you don’t want to go every day then you will have to do a bit longer every other day’. Somedays he was bright as a button but others he did find it tough, he had a couple of tumbles along the way but he kept going,

“On the way round we would chat about how well he was doing and the people he was going to help and we would get messages on Justgiving so we read them out to him just to keep him encouraged.”

After some late donations, Jack’s final fundraising total was £740. Lisa explains how he felt seeing how much money he had raised:

“Just astounded, he just couldn’t believe it, he set off aiming for around £100 and he couldn’t believe that by day two it was over £200, he was really chuffed. Considering he has never run before, he is a healthy kid but had never done running so to do what he did was really good, he’s only nine.”

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