Teenager Arrested After Stealing Car, Driving Dangerously & Setting It Alight

A group of teenagers have been lambasted on social media after stealing a car, driving dangerously and then setting it on fire in Penwortham.

The incident happened yesterday (Friday) at around 9am and was documented by a Preston Hub follower.

The follower contacted Police and informed them that a Nissan Micra was being driven erratically on Golden Way, close to the new Penwortham bypass.

The Micra then proceeded to crash into a lorry and make it’s way into a residential area.

Firefighters were then called at around 9.30am after the vehicle was set alight close to Hurst Park.

The teenagers involved were spoken to by Police with one 17-year-old male arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and possession of drugs.

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