How do I get more candidates for my civil engineering vacancy?

Civil engineers are always in demand. With a smaller talent pool to begin with, the task of hiring civil engineers becomes a lot more difficult. When you have a civil engineering post to fill, you want to get as many candidates as possible interested. But how are you supposed to find them?

In this guide, we will look at some of the most successful and lucrative recruitment methods for technical roles. This isn’t about casting a wider net, instead, it’s about fishing with the right lure. Read on to discover how to get more candidates for your civil engineering vacancy.

Define the role

Civil engineering is a broad discipline. And each civil engineer will have their area of expertise and interests. By clearly defining the role, you can hone in on the candidates most likely to be interested. A lot of companies make the mistake of leaving the job description vague and open as they think this will bring in more candidates. In practice, this has the opposite effect. Instead of casting a wider net, it can make candidates think they are underqualified or overqualified for the role.

Word of mouth

Civil engineers typically run in close-knit circles. So if you let the other people on your team know that you are looking to hire, they can use their networks to spread the word. Your team might have friends from university looking for work. Or they might know that someone from a previous workplace is now looking for new opportunities. Going off word of mouth recommendations will also help to pre-vet the applications as someone in your company has already vouched for them.

Accept prospective CVs

The hiring process shouldn’t start when you have a vacancy to fill. It should be a process that is always going on in the background. If you accept prospective CVs from candidates when you aren’t looking for anyone, then you’ll have a head start when you’re ready to start recruiting. Some of these people may have found work in the meantime, but if they have shown an interest in working with your company in the past, they could be persuaded to attend an interview anyway.

Work with specialist recruiters

Recruiters get a bad rep in many industries, but a specialist recruiter could be your best friend when hiring for technical roles. Specialist civil engineering recruiters can help to connect you with the brightest candidates before you’ve even advertised the role. They will know who is happy in their current position and who is interested in exploring new opportunities. If you only focus on the people who are looking for work right now, you could be missing some of the most talented civil engineers.

Advertise in the right places

When you place adverts on generalised job sites, you will be bombarded with applications from people who haven’t read the job description. Job sites make it easy to search for keywords and quickly apply for roles with a click of a button. So the typical civil engineer job posting could get applications from those looking for work in the civil service, and those looking for engineering roles. None of these will be suitable, but you’ll still have to sort through them to check. By focussing on specialist recruitment websites and industry publications, you can ensure that your advert gets targeted impressions.

Be open about the offering

If you have a stellar employment package to offer, don’t be afraid to show this off. Outline all of the perks that come with working for your company. An employment contract is an exchange of work for rewards. If you offer flexible working, bonus schemes or other incentives, make sure these are clear on the job advert.

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