Preston’s gambling scene

Gambling as a leisure activity has never been more popular than it is now. Whether it is bricks and mortar casinos and bookmakers that people choose to visit, or online betting options that they can participate in without having to leave the house, gambling is one of the top options for people who want to spend a bit of time and money having fun. Preston is no different to other parts of the UK in 2020, offering plenty of choice for people who want to bet in their spare time. Take a look at some of its great gaming venues that are well worth taking a gamble on.

Casinos in Preston

At the moment, Preston is not home to a lot of casinos compared to some of the other cities in the North West. The Admiral Casino is probably the city’s premier land-based gambling venue just now and it can be found right in the very heart of Preston, in Orchard Street. It is owned by Luxury Leisure Talarius, which is a company that currently boasts more than 230 different gaming establishments throughout the whole of the UK. Despite its name however, The Admiral is not really a casino in the sense of offering the usual mix of slot games and table ones such as poker, blackjack and baccarat that you would expect at such a venue.

Instead it is a place where the slot machine is king. It features a huge number of these games, with the selection ranging from the sort of traditional fruit machines that people would have played in pubs and arcades in the past, to the latest cutting edge video slot games of the kind that would be found at an online casino. First time customers are given 500 free spins to welcome them, while the slots include ones based on hit movies. Furthermore, although slots dominate at The Admiral, it does also offer some alternatives such as Multi Bingo, 20p Roulette and Nevada Roulette, so there is something for almost everyone.

Poker in Preston

Poker is a game that never goes out of fashion and, while Preston may not currently have a casino with serious poker options, that does not mean the area has nothing to offer fans of the game. Hendry’s Snooker Club, which is named after snooker legend Stephen Hendry, is also home to the Preston branch of the Nuts Poker League. This is the top pub poker brand in the UK right now and is probably the best place in the city to visit for those who are confident enough in their skills to feel that they can play at a competitive level. The club is situated on Brook Street, but it is not really for casual card players. Picking up as many poker tips as possible is advisable for anyone hoping to gamble at this sort of standard.

There is a notable lack of bricks and mortar casinos in Preston where people can just enjoy playing some poker on a night out – especially compared with other cities in the North West. Fortunately Preston is very close to Blackpool, which is unquestionably a gaming Mecca and home to numerous casinos with poker rooms. Other cities that have plenty of casino poker options, like Manchester, are also within easy travelling distance of Preston, but the need for a local casino with a full range of games is clear.

Online casino options

Online casino is thriving in Preston and gives people living in the city access to a comprehensive range of table and slot games all from the comfort of their own homes. The best online casinos are able to replicate the feel of visiting a top notch venue and also offer a lot of other advantages compared with land based ones.

The biggest of these is convenience; with online casinos letting people gamble on whatever they want without having to head out on a cold and wet evening. Given that the North West is not exactly noted for its tropical climate – particularly during the autumn and winter – the benefit of this should not be underestimated! Many online casinos also provide help when it comes to the more complex games like poker and blackjack, so people can improve their abilities and confidence before playing for serious money.

Sports betting in Preston

Preston may be light in casino gaming, but the city does offer lots of choice for those who prefer to bet on sports. The centre of the city is home to a large number of bookmakers, including two branches each of Betfred, Coral and David Pluck Bookmakers. These shops give customers the option of gambling on a variety of sports, from football and rugby to snooker. In addition to this, people in Preston can also bet on sports online if they are more internet savvy.

There is no doubt that Preston is lacking in land-based casino venues at the moment, especially in comparison with North West rivals like Bolton, Blackpool and Manchester. There is a clear desire to address this in the near future, but at the moment the premier choice for those who want to gamble on a night out is definitely The Admiral. Happily, online casino can be played from any location though, so there is no reason for anybody in Preston to miss out on the action.

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