Preston Dad Completes 100 Mile Running Challenge By Taking On The Guild Wheel In Fancy Dress

Jamey Oliver finished his charity challenge for Bone Cancer Research Trust by running all 21 miles of the guild wheel whilst wearing a morph suit.

Earlier in August, we reported on the Preston dad who pledged to run 100 miles throughout the month for the cancer charity after his good friend was diagnosed.

Hearing the news about his friend was the push Jamey needed to get moving and be more active. He wanted to raise awareness of bone cancer and the work that the charity does.

Jamey put the work in this month and only had 17 miles left to do, he wanted to finish in style so came up with the idea of running the guild wheel whilst wearing a bright orange morph suit.

The longest run Jamey had done previously was 13 miles so the 21 miles of the Guild Wheel was no easy task.

Despite being nervous for the challenge he set himself, he didn’t let that stop him:

“I am very nervous but I’m going to give it a good go. I did my first half marathon the other night, I’ve done two that was not far off as well but I am still very new to all this. The tiredness has been setting in as it’s gone on but I’m loving it, it has been the best thing for the mind.”

Jamey has also worked very hard to raise as much as possible and the donations have been coming in thick and fast. At the time of writing, he has raised £870 for the cancer charity.

He explains how happy he is that he has been able to support a cause very close to his heart:

“The response has been great and we still have more to come in, seeing that much money donated affects me more because of my friend having bone cancer and me being able to give back.”

You can still donate to help Jamey raise as much as possible for Bone Cancer Research Trust here.

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