Today Is World Suicide Prevention Day – SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH

Thursday 10th September will be a day focused on raising awareness of suicide and sharing information to help support and educate.

Local mental health charity, Lancashire Mind, will be promoting information and resources throughout this week on their social media to support this year’s theme ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’.

The charity posted this statement yesterday:

“Lancashire Mind is committed to continuing to raise awareness, reduce stigma, encourage meaningful conversations and challenge misconceptions surrounding suicide. Suicidal behaviour is universal. It knows no boundaries so it affects everyone. Over 800,000 people die by suicide every year, one person every 40 seconds.”

At 11:40 am today, Lancashire Mind will be joining in on a 40-second silence to remember those who have been lost by suicide. The 40 seconds were chosen to signify the fact that every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide.

The charity regularly shares real peoples stories of how they have experienced mental health issues.

Paula, Community Development Coordinator at Lancashire Mind, has shared her personal experience of suicide and why she believes it is so important to talk about our mental health. You can read her story here.

Jade, Community Development Coordinator at Lancashire Mind, explains why it is important for people to talk about their mental wellbeing:

“Speaking out about your mental health condition can be a daunting thought. Many people don’t open up about their experiences because they fear the stigma that is attached to mental health conditions. Often, this prevents people from seeking the support they need and can worsen their condition,

“Through having open and honest conversations around mental health, we are tackling stigma and breaking down barriers that stop people from improving their mental health.”

For over a year, Lancashire Mind has been delivering Suicide Prevention training across Lancashire and South Cumbria. They host virtual three-hour training sessions with a goal to “empower more people across Lancashire to feel able to have meaningful conversations surrounding suicide.”

A user of the virtual course commented on what they thought of it:

“I just did this training today with Zac, it was really good- even though I’ve done a few different suicide awareness /prevention courses before, this one was very in-depth for a 3hr session and I’m really glad I saw the advert for it. Thank you for putting on the training, Lancashire Mind.”

The dates for the virtual Suicide First Aid Lite are September 17th 09:30-12:30, September 23rd 13:00-16:00 and October 1st 13:00-16:00. If you are interested in attending this free course contact:

For any more information about Lancashire Mind, check out their website here.  

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