Fulwood Academy’s Year 7s Sent Home After A Positive COVID-19 Test

A large number of students have been sent home from Fulwood Academy, just days after starting at the high school.

Year seven students have been sent home after a pupil tested positive for the Coronavirus today (Monday 14th, September).

High schools across the country encouraged students to return to classrooms last week, as the 2020/21 academic season started last Monday.

Dave Lancaster, Fulwood Academy Principal, said:

“Today we have sent our Year 7 pupils home as there has been a positive test for Covid 19.

“We are now following all the guidance in response to this, as it is right that we do all that we can to minimise the risk to any other of our staff or children.

“A bubble of pupils have now been notified that they need to self-isolate in line with government guidance.

“We will, of course, be providing children with home learning, but we do appreciate the pressures that this may add to our families.

“We will continue to work with Public Health England to ensure that we can get our children back into our school as soon as possible.”

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