HMP Preston Is Making Almost No Effort To Social Distance Prisoners Or Staff

HMP Preston has been blasted for failing to socially distance prisoners due to overcrowding.

The Chief Inspector of Prisons has said the prison has shown little effort to ensure that inmates are socially distanced.

The Prison has been criticised several times in recent years for jail cells being overcrowded.

Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, said:

“While the population was lower than at our previous inspection in 2017, the prison was still severely overcrowded.

“As we have found elsewhere, the early release schemes brought in to relieve pressure on places during the pandemic had been ineffective, with no prisoners released following assessment.”

Clarke added:

“The prison dates from the 18th century, and some of the accommodation was deteriorating or, as in the case of the very cramped reception area, barely fit for purpose.

“In such areas, social distancing was all but impossible, and it was difficult in much of the rest of the prison because of its cramped design and overcrowding. We saw few attempts by staff and prisoners to socially distance even where it was achievable.”

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