Local Housing Association Open Pantry to Support Families Who Were Struggling To Afford Grocery Shopping

Community Gateway Association (CGA) are running a scheme to help people in Preston afford food shopping right up until after Christmas.

The Purple Pantry is a food shopping membership scheme for people in Preston to make food shopping more affordable, users can pick and choose which items they would like based on a points system.

The scheme was trialled for seven weeks and was a success with overwhelming feedback from customers. During the seven-week pilot, 335 households signed up to become members of the Purple Pantry.

Here is some of the feedback for Purple Pantry users:

“It’s the best thing to have ever happened on Moor Nook!”

“With 3 kids it is helping me to budget and make my money go further. I
couldn’t believe how many choices there were.”

Because of how well it was received, CGA has decided to extend the scheme until the New Year, so people can get food right up to and over the Christmas period.

CGA found that many of their customers find it difficult to afford weekly food bills or have to stick to buying value items. Research shows that over four-fifths of people using a foodbank are from working households.

how much food a 25 points package provides

The Purple Pantry is open to all Community Gateway customers, regardless of where they live. In addition, residents living in the Moor Nook local community who are not living in a CGA home are welcome to join.

Community Gateway will carry out a further review in January to see if they are able to run the Purple Pantry for longer.

The Purple Pantry is open from 1 pm to 4 pm, Monday to Friday at Moor Nook Community Office, Langden Drive, Preston, PR2 6HT.

For any more information on the scheme, click here or contact the CGA Tenancy Support team on 0800 953 0213.

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