Preston Businesses Encouraged To Take Part In City Council Webinars

Preston City Council invites businesses, entrepreneurs and freelance workers to take part in two webinars.

The online workshops will introduce virtual delegates to the concept of worker co-operatives – a business model where workers own equal shares of the enterprise and have a collective say on how things are run – and provide advice and support for businesses interested in the model.

Both sessions will feature guest speakers who have played a key role in establishing worker co-operatives both in Preston and the North West offering delegates a chance to ask questions and get advice for their business.

Councillor Freddie Bailey, Cabinet Member for Community Wealth Building at Preston City Council, said:

“As we begin to understand the long term impacts of COVID-19 it is clear the pandemic will have a lasting impact on how we work and how businesses operate.

“Therefore it is vital we ‘build back better’ by exploring new ways of working and providing services to local people that moves past the old models of business that have struggled to respond to the needs of our communities.

“Worker co-operatives enable the creation and retention of varied and exciting jobs, breathe new life into local assets and enterprises, and convert community spirit into transformative and lasting social action

“These webinars will see fantastic speakers talk about the benefits of worker co-operatives as well as offer a chance to ask questions and find out practical tips and advice on how to get involved.”

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