Royal Preston COVID Hospitalisations Start To Rise; “Don’t Socialise Anywhere” Warning Issued

A stark warning has been issued to Prestonians following a slow rise in hospitalisations.

Restrictions across the country prevent people from mixing households in private homes and gardens, but additional restrictions have been brought in for Preston that recommends that households do not mix in indoor public settings such as pubs and restaurants.

Over the last few days, advice has strengthened from local NHS staff.

Lancashire Resilience Forum (LRF) chair Angie Ridgwell told The LEP that coronavirus was “biting back quite significantly” and appealed to residents to take the situation “incredibly seriously”.

“Our strong advice in Lancashire to all our residents and businesses is that people should not socialise with anyone outside of their household either inside or outside,” Ms. Ridgwell said.

She also warned people only to use public transport for “essential purposes”.

Dr. Sakthi Karunanithi said: “No public health practitioner would want such a draconian lockdown on the economy or people’s movements.

“We really want to act on the precise factors that are causing the virus to spread and not [take] a sledgehammer and still not crack a nut.

“Our intelligence suggests that the key behaviour that is driving this is people from different households mixing.

“When we say inter-household transmission, it’s not all [about] people going into each other’s houses and passing the virus on – it’s people from various households coming in close contact for a prolonged period of time, whether that is indoors or outdoors.

“My plea is let’s avoid a complete lockdown in Lancashire and let’s follow the rules – if you have symptoms, have tested positive or have been asked to stay at home by NHS Test and Trace, then please stay at home. We know a number [of people] are not doing that and it’s a key factor,” Dr. Karunanithi said.

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