Longridge Highschool Closes Entire Year Group After Two Positive COVID Tests

Longridge Highschool has sent a letter to parents and carers confirming that all Year 9 students must stay home to self-isolate.

That letter was sent after two COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the year group.

In the letter, the school told parents & guardians:

“We have just received confirmation of two confirmed COVID-19 cases in Year 9. As such, I am asking all of Year 9 to stay at home on Monday (September 28th) as a precaution to allow us time to identify those children who were in direct contact with the confirmed cases.”

Longridge Highschool has pledged to inform families on Tuesday which Year 9 students can return to school tomorrow (Tuesday, 29th September).

The letter goes on to say:

“The school remains open and children in all other year groups need to attend school as usual unless they are unwell.”

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