Preston Mum Told She Could Not Have Children Raises Over £600 For PCOS Charity

Laura Faulkner walked 100 miles throughout September to raise money for Verity, a charity which supports PCOS sufferers.

Laura suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a condition which is one of the leading causes of fertility problems in women and if not properly managed, can lead to additional health problems in later life.

Back in August, we reported on the mum of two and how she had pledged to do the challenge to support the charity after they helped her when she was dignosed with PCOS.

She was devastated when she was told she couldn’t have children but thankfully she was very lucky and now has two young girls.

The Preston mum smashed her walking challenge and raised a great amount for the charity:

“I finished my 100-mile walk with my little one 5 days early and I’ve raised £630 for Verity. The publicity has led to over 20 new members in my Lancashire self-help group which is amazing and I’ve been promoted to volunteer Information Production Manager for the charity, in charge of blog and web content which I’m very proud of and excited about.

“I feel very proud to have raised so much money and awareness for Verity. I originally set my fundraising target at £100, I didn’t think I’d hit that but I’ve well and truly exceeded it! I’m so pleased to welcome new members to my groups, these ladies now have a safe place to talk about their symptoms and ask for help.”

Laura and her family

The challenge proved to be very tough for the mum of two but she had her youngest child along with her all the way for support:

“Walking 100 miles in 26 days has been hard at times, especially on the days I’ve been full of cold and sleep-deprived. But it’s been hugely therapeutic for me too, during a local lockdown where I’m not allowed to spend time with my family, who are 100 miles away or my bestie who lives barely 5 miles away!

“I feel blessed to have spent every minute of it with my baby girl though, she’s chatted, giggled and slept her way through 100 miles with me. Special mummy and daughter time that I’ll remember forever.”

Laura was very thankful for all the support and happy about raising awareness for good cause so close to her heart:

“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who donated. I’m excited about my future with Verity, they do amazing work and I’m proud to be a part of such an amazingly supportive charity which is run entirely by volunteers.”

At the time of writing, Laura has raised £635 for Verity on her Justgiving page, you can still help her raise as much as possible by donating here.

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