Local Business Owners Getting ‘Locked Up’ To Support Charity For Elderly

Several Preston business owners will be locked up for the day, to get out they will have to raise £1000 as bail which will be donated to Age UK Lancashire.

The ‘Break Out’ challenge has been created by Age UK to test the participant’s resourcefulness and fundraising skills and to raise much-needed funds to support local elderly people.

They will be locked in the room with a laptop and a phone and will be tasked with using social media and making phone calls to raise the £1000 needed to be released.

Richard Taylor, owner of Taylor Estates on Lune Street, will be partipating in the Break Out challenge.

He got involved because he wanted to do more to help local charties and good causes:

“Essentially at the start of the year, I decided that as a business we need to be involved in more community/charity projects and figured that at least one a quarter was achievable. Obviously, the year hasn’t quite panned out as it should and so we haven’t quite hit that target.

“In August I was on a Zoom call with the Shout Network, of which we are members, and Sharon Watson who represents Age UK Lancashire was on the call talking about this event and that they were 2 volunteers short for the day, so I volunteered. It is their event and there are 10 local business people/leaders involved all trying to help them raise £10k on the day.”

The local business owner is confident he will raise the money and has planned his strategy of how he will do it:

“Yeah I think so, people will pay up just so I stop hounding them if nothing else.”

Taylors Estates on Lune Street

Age UK Lancashire is a charity which supports older people in the county. They have a range of services designed to enrich the lives of the elderly including activities to help them stay fit and home visits to help with errands.

Their aim is to “promote independence, enhance health and well-being and enable older people to access the information they need to make informed decisions about their lives.”

For any more information about Age UK Lancashire, check out their website here.

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